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Special Dishes for Lent – Delicious Cuisine from Illiano Cucina Mediterranea

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Lent is a religious occasion observed annually that starts from Ash Wednesday and continues until Good Friday. The event is a period of reflection and consideration observed by many Christians

Many people observing Lent will abstain from consuming certain foods, especially those that are categorized as luxury items. The fasting period lasts 40 days to honor the sacrifice of Jesus. Religious traditions have changed over the years and those who observe will choose their own way to observe Lent. Some give up certain foods and luxuries, some devote more time studying their religious teachings. Some Millennials will forgo their regular schedule and give up watching television and going to the gym. It is common for people to stop eating all meat during Lent.

Times have changed. We no longer have the time to shop, prepare and cook our meals throughout the day, especially during the work week, so many dine out often. If not dining out, take out is popular.  Those observing may still honor lent and dine out.

Illiano Cucina Mediterranea offers several fish and seafood choices as well as pasta dishes for those who do not eat meat during this time. Visit Illiano Cucina Mediterranea for lunch or dinnerand you will find plenty of variety from which to choose. From fresh fish specialties, vegetable dishes and classic pasta dishes, their authentic Italian cuisine will help make the Lent season special. Their loyal clientele also visit for lunch, and when time does not allow for a relaxing meal, the takeout menu can make a meal at home that you and your family will love.

Favorites are gnocchi, shrimp or salmon scampi, grilled portabella mushrooms and scallops. All entrees are served with fresh mixed salad and wonderful Italian bread specialties. If you have a special request, ask the chef. Come visit Illiano Cucina during Lent.

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