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Perfect Romantic Dinner for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, while people are busy buying chocolates, gifts, and roses for their loved ones, we suggest you come up with something unique and enchanting for your special someone. Forget the gifts and the chocolates; this Valentine’s Day, treat your partner to a day full of pampering and passion.

There is nothing more romantic than a home-cooked three-course meal for two, enjoyed in the privacy of your home, away from the outside world. If you are thinking about what cuisine to choose for your meal, Italian is an absolute winner! There is a touch of seduction and passion to Italian food,  which is why it is the ultimate favorite of couples on Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s rich, savory pasta you crave or a tantalizing seafood dish you desire, consider an “evening in” with take-out from Illiano Cucina Mediterranea!

Here is an idea for a perfect three-course luxury meal that you can share with your special someone for a romantic and unforgettable evening.

Course 1: Illiano Caesar Salad

Enjoy a fresh and delightful bowl of crisp lettuce topped with croûtons and a delicious traditional Caesar dressing that will give your evening an enchanting start.

Course 2: Mussels Illiano

Revel in the taste of fresh mussels with a hint of spicy and savory surprise inside. The mussels come with an option of a stimulating red sauce or a garlic white wine sauce.

Course 3: Vitello Casalinga

Tender cubes of veal are cooked with traditional Italian ingredients such as basil, tomatoes, and olive oil with your choice of pasta, covered in a classic marinara sauce. Alone or paired with a classic Italian red wine such as Brunello di Montacino or a crisp dry white wine such as Pinot Grigio, this dish is certain to delight your loved one.

You can also make your own selections from our extensive dinner menu, which features fresh meats, pastas, and vegetables to please every palate. Choosing Italian cuisine for this Valentine’s dinner is a decision that you are sure to love. With Illiano Cucina’s tasty and delicious dishes and the love that exists between you and your special loved one, you will have an evening full of passion and excitement.

For more Valentine’s Day meal ideas, check out our dinner menu for more delicious ideas. If you would rather visit our restaurant and enjoy lake view dining for lunch or dinner, call for reservations today. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page!

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