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Many Pastas, Many Uses

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An authentic Italian meal wouldn’t be the same without a classic pasta dish. Pasta is made with flour and can be formed into strips, sheets or any shape you desire. There are over 600 pasta shapes across the globe. However, a few of these are more popularly used in Italian cuisines. You can stop by a nice Italian restaurant on a busy weekday and savor the heady aroma of delectable Italian food.  Undeniably, Italian food tops the list of comfort foods.

Pasta dishes are immensely popular among Italian food lovers. There are several types of pasta that vary by shape, size and texture with dozens of varieties to choose from. These include penne, gnocchi, farfalle, fettuccine and many others! Are you looking for a scrumptious pasta dish for lunch or dinner? We are known for serving the most delectable pasta dishes to food lovers who come to us for rich pasta dishes served with their favorite sauces. Here are a few of the different kinds of pastas that we use to prepare exquisite dishes at our restaurant.


Shells work in a variety of dishes, depending on their size. We serve mouth-watering stuffed shells with ricotta and melted mozzarella cheese served in a meat-based tomato sauce.


Also known as bowtie pasta due to its shape, farfalle makes for a great cold pasta salad. That’s why it is an important ingredient in several of our salads.


Campanelle has a unique bell shape that pairs well with a thick and creamy meat sauce. We use it many of our traditional and classic pasta dishes.


You can easily mistake this pasta for rice. Orzo is usually used in our soups and salads. It is commonly served with lemon zest, asparagus and crumbled feta to make a great salad.


Gnocchi are soft dumplings. This pasta is ideally served with rich and creamy sauces. Our heavenly Illiano’s Gnocchi Caprese is a popular item loved by all our customers.


Orecchiette is Italian for “little ears”. Owing to their shape, they are perfect for collecting sauce. That’s why it is a great choice when served with a heavy sauce with vegetables and meat.


This tube-shaped pasta is just around two inches long. We usually cut it diagonally at both ends to make a beautiful bed for most of our sauces. Our Penne Contadina is served with seasonal vegetables in a fresh tomato sauce.


You can do so much with ravioli. That’s why we have ravioli dishes that are incredibly popular among our regular visitors. These square pillows of dough are filled with meat, cheese, veggies and sometimes seafood such as lobster. Don’t forget to check out our divine Black Ravioli served in an aurora cream sauce or our Cheese Ravioli in the Gluten Free Specialties.

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