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Make Summertime Eating Easy with Italian Take Out

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With the sun shining brightly and the temperature rising, summer is finally here. This is the season when many folks are busy making plans to travel down to the shore for the day and to enjoy a nice and quiet afternoon or evening outdoors. However, before you step outside, you will need to pack the essentials – your beach towel, chairs, sunglasses, sunscreen and, of course, a picnic basket or cooler.

But preparing different meals the whole family will enjoy can be a tedious task, especially when you would rather spend your time relaxing. Make your getaway special and simple by letting us pack you up some scrumptious lunch or dinner items for the beach, or any other occasion that can be made even more fun and exciting with good food.

Illiano Cucina Mediterranea can prepare meals for one person, family, or party, so you can share your favorite specialties with the people you love without having to do any of the work.

Menu Items for Lunch and Dinner

Here are a few delicious items you can enjoy from our take-out menu.

Margherita or Caprese Pizza: Pizza at the beach? Well, why not?! Pizza is a shore staple! These gourmet pizzas offer a lighter alternative to traditional meat toppings, perfect for a day at the beach. Enjoy the pizza at room temperature or quickly reheat in a microwave if you wish. Cold pizza slices make for a great snack.

Caprese Salad or Illiano Caesar Salad: If you would rather feast on a fresh salad, then either of these salads are good choices.  These entrée-size salads include fresh vegetables and cheeses. All of our salads are topped with our famous homemade house dressing. Any of our salads pack well for trips.

Hoagies and Cold Sandwiches:  Cold sandwiches can be enjoyed practically anywhere. We offer a wide range of cold sandwiches and hoagies including ham, cheese and salami, turkey, Italian, and tuna.

Lasagna: Now you don’t have to worry about fussy kids. This Italian dish is bound to be a hit. You can quickly heat it in the microwave if you wish, but did you know that lasagna is also delicious served cold?

These are just a few items you are sure to enjoy on your day out at the beach. Don’t forget to check out our entire take-out menu for more delicious ideas.  It’s not too late to make Father’s Day reservations or a date for your graduation celebration – call us today!

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