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Feast of Seven Fishes to Celebrate Christmas

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You don’t have to be Italian to celebrate Christmas Eve with the special Feast of Seven Fishes. You may notice your local markets advertising fresh fish and seafood delicacies for the home chefs to prepare this special culinary celebration.

Believe it or not, this tradition is actually a blend of Italian and American holiday feasts.

In Italy, Christmas Eve is celebrated with a fast, where Italians adhere to meatless and lighter dishes such as simple seafood, pasta, and fish dishes served in antipasto-style. So, the origin of this tradition stemmed from Italy in this way. But when it comes to the feast for Christmas Eve in the U. S., people celebrate the tradition of seven fishes feast by eating a meal featuring seven different fishes or lesser types of fishes cooked in seven ways. Most Italian restaurants in Medford like Illiano Cucina Mediterranea have a diverse list of meal courses that feature special fish and seafood dishes that have been in their family for generations. They offer tempting and delicious servings in the form of pasta, soups, appetizers, and entrées.

The preparations for the feast of seven fishes begin at Illiano Cucina with the rinsing, cutting, and slicing of freshly caught baccala, clams, shrimp, sole, mussels, calamari, and some other types of favorite fish. All of the specialties are then cooked, fried, grilled, broiled, and stewed on the very next day of your order. As the sun dawns, the master chefs at the restaurant start preparing the delicious aromatic seafood by tossing them in spices that create the perfect blend of Italian flavors. Check with Illiano Cucina Mediterranea for their special dishes and availability from one serving to a platter for your entire family.

You can be ready for Christmas Eve with less hassle this year and have Illiano Cucina Mediterranea cater your feast. Or, visit the restaurant for seasonal appetizer specialties to start off your dinner.  The traditional recipes include calamari and scungilli seafood delicacies. Whether you want to eat mussels cooked in wine sauce or scallops grilled with brown butter, Feast of Seven Fishes is one of the most exciting celebrations of the year! 

As these festivals are usually jam-packed with certain things like family gatherings, parties, and shopping, it’s far better to enjoy a pure Italian cuisine of the seven fishes at Illiano Cucina than preparing this very elaborate meal at home. In addition, the restaurant setting provides a unique mix of Italian tradition, authentic flavors, and a cozy ambiance.

If you’re planning to rejoice in the Feast of Seven Fishes in South Jersey, there is no better place to order from than Illiano Cucina Mediterranea. The feast of Seven Fishes makes the Christmas season special.

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