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The Best Italian Appetizers

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Appetizers are the perfect starting point for a great meal. In Italian cuisine, some appetizers have taken on a life of their own, proving highly popular as delicacies that people want to try. Here’s an overview of some of the best appetizers served at Illiano Cucina Mediterranea and the ingredients used for making them.

What’s The Difference Between Scungilli And Calamari?

Insalata Calamari Scungilli is among the best appetizers on ICM’s dinner menu. While calamari and scungilli are both types of mollusks, there are some differences between them. Calamari is squid, and the term covers many different types of dishes prepared using squid. On the other hand, scungilli is the meat extracted from sea snakes. ICM combines these two mollusks into one great appetizer in the Insalata Calamari Scungilli, with wonderful garnishing to offer a great flavor. You can also try their Fried Calamari.

What Is The Background Of Clams Casino?

Like Caesar Salad, Clams Casino is considered as another classic Italian dish. However, Clams Casino originated in the US – it is specifically famous in Rhode Island. It is enjoyed in many parts of the world, but is a favorite appetizer on the East Coast. There are many variations of this dish that are served in a large variety of restaurants worldwide. Clams Casino is typically characterized by a topping of bread crumbs and bacon. However, it has gone through many transformations since its origin in 1917.

Clams Casino’s close connection to Italian stuffed clams explains how it has become a classic among hundreds of Italian restaurants in both America and Italy. It has been served at Italian restaurants since the early 20th century. At Illiano Cucina Mediterranea, we serve the perfect recipe of Clams Casino with just the right flavor, bringing back the taste of the original recipe. Experience the magic of Clams Casino at one of the finest Italian restaurants.

How Is Black Ravioli Made?

Generally, people feel perfecting the recipe for Black Ravioli is difficult. Our chefs have accepted the challenge and have mastered the technique. Black ravioli pasta is dyed with cuttlefish ink, called sepia, to attain the rich, dark color.  The key is to prepare the filling well in advance, so it can be stuffed easily. The most important part is sealing the dumplings, which they do with great care to ensure it remains intact throughout the process.

Chefs have tried a variety of fillings for black Ravioli over the years. At ICM, you can order authentic Black Ravioli stuffed with shrimp. The dish is served with a creamy aurora sauce. You can also order it as an appetizer without the filling. It will taste just as great!

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to sample some of the best authentic Italian appetizers this side of the Atlantic, check out Illiano Cucina Mediterranea’s dinner menu. They offer a wide variety of dishes that you can try. Rest assured, you will have a dining experience to remember. Buon Appetito!

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